Shou-Shang Trading Co. Ltd has gained its reputation for high quality products and positive feedbacks from numerous customers. It is an origional equipment manufacturer (OEM) that takes orders in varieties of mechanical parts, including automotives, woodworking machines, metal hardwares, handtools, etc. The export markets for our products include America, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. Shou-Shang offers production for a wide range of metal components. To guarantee the satisfaction of our precious customers, we provide "customization service" with reasonable price to meet their needs. With the insistence of quality and service control, we have long earned customers' trust in this growing and competitive market.



transmission shaft, crankshaft, camshaft, ball joint, gear wheel, port chamber, port, startup gear, port hopper, peach spindle, wheel axle, gear-shift box, small gear for gear bar of diversion mechanism, guide screw, cardan shaft, cardan shaft knot, knot of ball bearings, clevis, oil-pressure shaft of shock absorb system, blade spring and bolts, oil pump etc.


                                                                  gear wheel, motor axes, chain saw sheet. 

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                                                                                                 wrench, torque wrench, precise tools.

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